It’s been awhile!

Hello all.  Well.  I’ve been off the map a while.  Someday I may share about what has been going on.  Short story is that somewhere along my trail exploring I got bit by a tick and was exposed to Lyme disease.   It’s been kicking my butt – but I’m kicking back.

So…   meanwhile I’m now up to doing some writing and will post some fun pics.   Join my IG and FB on @dreamofanywhere


Introduction… dream, plan, go, remember…share

Hello fellow travelers. This site is intended to be an interactive site. I will post things and I welcome you to post your trip stories, ideas, favorite places you ate in your favorite locations, etc.image

I want to share with you my passion for connecting with various places, people, food and culture. I am eager to hear of your experiences as well. So please stop in from time to time and describe your moments to us all.

Do you wonder about a place, but not sure you can trust the brochures or websites that only present their best profile?

Ask about it here. Perhaps someone who has been there will give you the “up close and personal” perspective on it. I have been to multiple fascinating locations, however, I have several more on my “list” as well.  Many places are seemingly handcrafted to fit whatever your heart desires. Solitude by the shore or parasailing above the waves, whatever your mood’s whim may be. Some designed to just enjoy; the local scenes, people, cafes, hiking trails, shopping… see what we have to say about where we have been and explore all your options.

As I go, I will be adding links to our favorite and recommended places to stay and eat, providers of activities such as kayak rentals, horseback riding stables and various activities or non-activities! We can share why we prefer them to the others, or just offer an overview of what is available in that area. If you have a business that provides a service or product related to making ones travel experience better, then please email me and I will consider including it on this page.

Additionally, I will be posting important safety tips for various areas. Safety is critical no matter where you are. Here at home I have places I won’t go alone or after dark. My experience is that it is good to get into the habit of thinking about your surroundings all the time. Having said that, there are some specific tips that will help in specific areas you may only visit on occasion. People will take advantage of you not being familiar with your surroundings and their culture. Often there are some location oriented tips that will help guide your alertness.So that is my goal, to gather ideas about various locations that will help us experience a vacation filled with relaxation, exhilarating activities… or whatever your heart desires and return home with grand memories that will last forever!  Let me know where you have been, or where you would like to spend an undisturbed week or two escape from your everyday life.

Lets have fun, share info and send each other off on exciting new fun adventures!